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About the


  • 11+/- acres of land zoned Industrial
  • CARA CREEK. LLC             

$300,000   BULK PURCHASE (AVG Price = $0.62 psf)

The lower 6 Lots, Cara Creek Business Park-East, includes the completed development plan, control of the main entry road.  Similar lots in the Port Orchard Industrial Park have sold recently for in excess of $6.86 psf (which may be revalued to $8.00 psf or higher for 2022). 

The upper 5 pad-ready lots of the full Cara Creek Business Park sold in June 2022 for over $800,000 (AVG Price = $2.33 psf).  The lower 6 Lots are priced about 1/4 what the upper lots sold for.

Utilities are directly adjacent to the property; natural gas main distribution is located at the corner of Old Clifton Road Annex and Lloyd Parkway and gas lines currently run directly adjacent to the property; the City of Port Orchard's main sewer collection and distribution facility is located directly across from the property on the Old Clifton Road Annex; and electric from Puget Sound Energy is located along the North boundary of the property.  Both cable and fiber optic are in the Port Orchard Industrial Park and has been provided to the Cara Creek Business Park upper lots.  (See below)

The property is on the lower section access road that leads to these 6 lots of undeveloped industrial property and serves as the conduit drive to this development.  There is a development plan that was commissioned in 2009 and would serve as a starting point for development discussions with the City of Port Orchard.  As in any development a current engineering study and negotiations with the City of Port Orchard would be necessary to develop the 6 Lots of the Cara Creek Business Park - East.  The Owners would provide the full development plan with the sale of the property.


The Cara Creek Business Park-West is made up of 2 Short Plats in the City or Port Orchard – All contiguous on 11+/- total acres to the East (currently offered).  While there are no covenants controlling the property or its development there are ecological setbacks for wetlands, the creek that borders Cara Creek BP - East and West running North to South along the West line of the property.  All utilities are adjacent or at the property but no utilities have been run to any of the lots.  Other than the short entry to the road along the 4 Lot D properties, which is a permanent granted and recorded Easement, there are no other easements of record other than typical and standard utility easements.

The entire lower site, which has excellent potential for mitigation purposes, is currently offered for sale as an entire property and individual lots are not for sale.


The entire development is ZONED: EOC/Industrial

Utilities are provided as follows:

IRRIGATION – City of Port Orchard

ELECTRIC POWER – Puget Sound Energy

WATER – City of Port Orchard

TELEPHONE – Century Link or Wave Broadband


CABLE – Wave Broadband

NATURAL GAS – Cascade Natural Gas Corp.

Another advantage of the location is the close proximity to major State (Hwy 16 and 3) and Interstate (I-5) highway systems, several major water ports and railways (Port of Bremerton & Port of Tacoma).  Always a major concern for any large business is the availability of qualified employees and educational facilities for training and fresh talent.  The Puget Sound region is unique in that numerous world-class colleges (University of Washington and Western Washington University at OC) are within 65 miles of the Cara Creek Business Park site and a stable and growing community college (Olympic College) and vocational schools are within 15-25 miles.

This property has its own water well, storm pond and major electrical utilities.  The complete property is 502 approved under the State's Cannabis growing and processing laws enacted in 2014.


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